The Berlin Initiative for Gender and Sexual Diversity (IGSV) comprises numerous measures for the prevention and control of trans- and homophobic violence. Camino gGmbH has been conducting a research project to monitor trans- and homophobic violence in Berlin since 2019, as a contribution to the IGSV.

The monitoring work promotes the visibility of violent acts committed against LGBTI people, and the aim is to raise awareness in urban society of this form of group-focused enmity and to create meaningful situation analyses. It is anticipated that an increased willingness of victims to report incidents will help to reduce the ‘dark figure’ of unreported crime.

A thematic network involving relevant organisations and structures in the LGBTI community as well as an on-going dialogue forum involving all participants will ensure the integration of different perspectives as well as the expertise available in Berlin.


The Monitoring Trans- und Homophobic Violence project is funded by:

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